cam timing and service 365 gt 2+2

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cam timing and service 365 gt 2+2

Post by mark » Fri Jan 14, 2011 6:52 pm

OK, so I am spending part of my recession performing a major service. So far I have removed the valve covers and chain covers, plugs, and distributor caps, for convenience.

I have #1 at TDC and i just checked the clearance of the exhaust and intake. They are very close to spec. if not right on. I then plugged in my compressor and checked for leakdown. It was very tight holding 125 psi for about 10 min. No whistle from the carb or exhaust. Now, my question is: should I continue on checking the remaining 11 cylinders or should I get my degree wheel out and start checking the cam timing. I am trying to do this systematically.

Oh, and I checked the roller followers, there is a slight wear stripe on some of them but no pitting or spalling. The plugs look good with the exception of #4 and #8, which show signs of light oil fouling, not enough to prevent firing but certainly evident. Perhaps it's the dreaded oval valve guide syndrome.

Any guidance would be appreciated.

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