Mounting MSD boxes in a Daytona

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Mounting MSD boxes in a Daytona

Post by Steve Meltzer » Sun Oct 09, 2011 2:26 pm

Before I mounted the boxes, a well-respected and knowledgeable expert advised me to remove the front wheels, pull the splash shields from in front of the tires, and mount the units on the front side of the shields so they are protected from heat and water and they are in a cool place.

Being the obstinate guy I am, I mounted the MSD boxes on the underside of the upper part of my trunk. The only disadvantage is the length of wire does requires splicing, but they’ll be under the passenger door sill. Does avoid EMI and any considerations of weather or heat. I’ve enclosed a picture. When the car is on level ground you can’t see the boxes (unless you put your head in the trunk or, it’s on the lift). I can move them if it’s worth the effort. I was kinda pushed by the guy who’s helping me, but I can’t fault him entirely.
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