365 manifolds

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365 manifolds

Post by 365 » Tue Nov 15, 2011 1:40 pm

The exhaust manifolds of my 365 GT have been cover with a heat tape, it was done years ago and the heat shields where lost. Now I find out that recapping with that type of ceramic tape, damages the manifolds. I do not know what to do if take the tape out and deal with not heat shields ( I don´t find someone who sales or fabricate them) or tape at all. But the spark plugs cables get burned easily..... or get the manifolds damages very quickly as I been told.
In order to be prepared someone knows where to buy the original manifolds.
This car is been in the family since new, and only have 37.000 kilometers about 22.000 miles, never been hit or else, everything is original but the paint, the carpets (I took them of to a carpet cleaner shop and before I could pick them up they went backruptcy and lost them) and this heat ceramic tape that years ago my father put on it and the shields where lost, so I would like to keep it as much original as I can.
Sorry my English is not good

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