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Off Topic - National Motorists Association Foundation

Post by jcwconsult » Thu Jan 26, 2012 10:32 pm

As some of you know, the National Motorists Association is the organization most responsible for getting the National Maximum Speed Limit eased in 1987 and repealed in 1995. I have been involved for a long time and am now a Board Member and Executive Director of the NMA Foundation, our 501(3)c non-profit corporation that supports research, education and litigation aimed at getting all traffic laws designed and enforced for safety purposes, not revenue purposes. Here is a link to our current newsletter that covers our first 30 years. It was written by our just-retired founder, Jim Baxter.

We need to do some serious fund raising to keep working on these goals, partly because the depressed economy in the last few years has reduced charitable giving significantly.

Governments are under similar pressures to raise revenues, often with unfair or predatory traffic laws and enforcement schemes based on revenue, not safety. It takes a lot of work to oppose these efforts.

One of my new jobs is to seek out some donors willing and capable of giving larger donations because they support our efforts and our principles. The Ferrari community may well have some of these people. Anyone interested in more details should contact me by PM.
Jim Walker
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