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Attending events

Post by PSk » Tue Aug 13, 2013 10:23 pm


I think the economy might have something to do with the lack of numbers of older Ferraris. Lets be honest it's not just the entry fee but the accomodation and travel expenses and they do add up, plus some of the older, especially 2+2 Ferraris, are owned by real enthusiasts not just wealthy people.

I live in Australia and for me to attend any non-local event costs a considerable amount of money because it is such a big country, and America is massive too. Even when I lived in New Zealand and used to classic race, the non-local ones were are stretch for normal people.

Yes great holiday for car people, but not all family members think the same so money spent on a car focused trip might mean the rest of the family dip out on the holiday they would prefer.

You need extra money for these events, thanks to the GFC it's not now so easy.

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