rear brake hose replacement- Jag Part number GJHP94 is $10

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rear brake hose replacement- Jag Part number GJHP94 is $10

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rear brake flex hose was soft and leaky after years of pinion seal leak and diff oil softening the rubber.
the Ferrari replacement has a long male threaded tip , is $58 at my parts dealer, and requires you to cut the tip to fit. The OEM is a Short 12 mm long male fitting where is the one currently available is over 20mm. You never can get the seat to be perfectly flat with a hacksaw.

The GHP 94 rear brake hose for a 60s jaguar 3.8S MkII is the same part, except the male tip is the correct 12 mm length, and better yet, the female end that accepts the hard line has an external threaded fitting the same size and pitch as the OEM. So my original retaining nut fit perfectly.
check out the pics of the comparo and the install . perfect. $10.35 at British Parts Northwest. :P
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