That 330 GTC for sale on e-bay

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That 330 GTC for sale on e-bay

Post by Doug »

I copied over the page JMP85 posted on a prior topic. I think it deserves a string of its own. ... 1867329528

To my eye this looks like a very impressive survivor. Everything looks original and very good. I like the look of the wear on the seats. It seems about right. And the engine compartment isn't detailed but its not messy either. And the trunk, wow.

I don't have a copy of my SCM price guide here in the office. What's the board's collective view of its value? If the numbers on this week's lottery ticket come out like I hope, I'll be bidding. Otherwise though I'll be observing from the sidelines.

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Post by JAshburne »

Well, the 5th edition (I think the latest) of Sports Car Market Pocket Price Guide shows the 1965-68 330 GTC with a price range of $85,000-150,000.

I think that the upper end of this range is way too high.

FWIW, a 1968 330GTC in very nice, recently restored shape just sold at the RM Auction at the Waldorf Astoria in NYC in September for a price of $85,250 including buyer's commission.
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I agree. In addition to SCM's price guide, Cavallino lists the model's value as $70,000 - $165,000. Most of these cars seem to trade in the $70,000 to $90,000 range with even the best cars selling for far below both SCM and Cavallino's high estimates.

I was in the market to purchase a 330 GTC in late 1997/ early 1998. At the time, the "estimated" values were something like $50,000 - $80,000. I came very close to purchasing a near-concours condition car for $84,000, actually over the high estimate. It is hard to believe that the car would have doubled in value over the last 4 years! Not likely. More realistically, I believe that near-perfect examples can now be had for under $125,000. Anything more could only be due to either a bad case of "auction frenzy" or in the rare case of a one-off special.

While I like the condition of the e-Bay car and the apparent honesty of the seller, I think the color is unfortunate. I would expect this car to sell for somewhere near SCM's low estimate.
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Well, the auction ended at $91,100, but the reserve was not met.
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I think what is interesting on this 330GT 2+2 are the questions that arise from the pictures and information provided in the auction. The auction states that the car was formerly owned by a Ferrari Club President, but what Ferrari Club President would use the wrong fuel hoses? I believe these hoses should be the yellow spiral wrapped hose, not the black hose you see in the pictures. This is not a big deal, but what other cheap repairs were made to get this car to market? How much trouble would it have been to paint the air cleaner?

67,000 miles is about the limit on original motors where the valve guides leak. I'd be curious what they mean by "engine seals replaced." The only seals that are easy to replace on a V-12 are the oil pan gaskets and the valve cover gaskets. Most other seals are not so easy.

No reserve is interesting as well. I guess they feel confident it will sell.

Good luck to both parties!

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Agree with Tom, you need to see a compression check and warm oil pressure with proper oil as well as a complete survey, the little things missing can sure add up ie tool kit and other spares if you care... Michael Bayer
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