Block repair

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Block repair

Postby Rob330 » Sun Oct 18, 2015 6:27 pm

When I purchased my car a engine block was negotiated in with the price. It is a 330GT series 2 block but the rear corner is broken off and missing , it is the side opposite of the starter .
I was wondering if someone had a block that was unserviceable I could use for parts. I found someone that can weld it on if I can provide them this missing section. He has another good block he can use for dimensions for placement but it will be costly for him to forge a new piece from his block.
I was told this this part of the block is similar to the 365 also and that it could be used for that area .
I am also interested in selling it if someone needs it since I did find a complete engine proper to my Series 1 car.

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