Replating ignition coils

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Replating ignition coils

Postby Luis A » Thu Dec 10, 2015 1:45 pm

Hi guys, I have learned quite a bit from reading this forum over the last year and although I don't own a Ferrari I do own an Espada which shares much in common with Ferraris of the era. Hopefully I can contribute in the future but right now I have a question about replating the unobtanium BZR201A "Superpotente" coils we share in common.

Has anyone successfully put their coil(s) through the plating process without damage? Mine are well sealed, I can hear the oil inside, are dry and I have no reason to believe they would leak inwards, but it's a real risk in my mind. I've thought about sealing all edges and connections with caulk and remove it post-plating. Thoughts?

In addition, Parker Hall sells stickers identical to the ones on my coils but they are gold foil as opposed to the silver foil (both with blue lettering) found on mine (1975). Any idea if these are available anywhere...?

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