330 GT broken door latch-fabrication results

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330 GT broken door latch-fabrication results

Post by michaelbalk330 » Wed Aug 17, 2016 10:29 pm

My drivers door handle from outside stopped working. .Found a pot metal piece broken pic#1. figured I was out of luck as likely a one off part that want going to be found off the shelf. .after freaking out , I looked at the part and decided I would make one out of 3 steel parts ( pic#2)-- flat bar, and 2 different sized pieces round bar. spent 15$ at home depot and started cutting ( pics 3,4,5). ended up with 3 pieces ( pic6) that I planned to weld, and then cut and drill. had to do some filing to make chamfered edges. Ended up with welded piece before cutting central section of large bar ( pic 7) and after cutting that section out, I have part that is identical but made of solid steel.. aint no more bending or breaking of this piece.. made another so when the passenger door breaks, I am set to go! see next post for last 2 pics.
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