365 GTC/4 airbox/cleaner

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365 GTC/4 airbox/cleaner

Post by PSk » Thu Mar 29, 2018 5:11 pm


Have you ever thought of just leaving the air horns off?

MY Alfa 71' 1750GTV has a large airbox but no air horns. Most in the Alfa community believe the factory airbox is at least as efficient as running air horns. But air horns minus the airbox do sound better, but with the 365 GTC/4 you would surely not notice any sound difference due to the airbox.

While yes air horns do have a purpose, but it would be interesting to do a rolling road dyno test of a 365 GTC/4 with and without the air horns. Might find a much easier way to replace the air cleaner ... seal the bottom of the air horns and you would end up with 12 really cool whisky "glasses" :)

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Re: 365 GTC/4 airbox/cleaner

Post by tyang » Sun Apr 01, 2018 1:45 pm

Hi Pete,

We like to leave everything as stock as it can be with customer's cars. It helps maintain their values, and looking as they left the factory. When parts like the air horns are taken off, they stand a good chance of getting misplaced and lost. When these cars outlive us, it would be nice for them to keep their original parts!

As far as performance is concerned, even if there was a difference, it would probably show up more at "wide open throttle," so the real gain may never show its advantage on the street. Rarely do I find myself at WOT where I need an extra dozen horses!

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