wiper motor source

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wiper motor source

Post by Jumprun »

Hello all, I am looking for a source to buy a windshield wiper motor or have mine expertly rebuilt. I think my cross-reference is for the GTE.
There is a guy in Delaware on Ebay, who advertises rebuilds. Has anyone had theirs rebuilt by this shop?

I have already reworked mine once, but a recent failure that I have not been able to resolve has me frustrated.

My Car is a 1968 330 GTC, and for reference, the Lucas part number is 75561A, it is a three wire, two speed motor.
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Re: wiper motor source

Post by tyang »

The wiper motor on a GTE had 5 wires.

It's a Lucas unit, so anyone with experience with Lucas should be able to rebuild it. That being said, I don't have a good resource right now. There are less and less people doing it.

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Re: wiper motor source

Post by chris »

I have good experience with Steve Hunt in the Uk. He rebuilds them and has big stock of Lucas Wiper parts. He has done two motors for me so far. You will find him on ebay. Only drawback is that the wires used were not to original spec. I googled the vendor in Milwaukee on ebay, from the pictures the offered motor looks right down to the wires, but this says nothing about the quality if the rebuild..
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