wanted - 330 America or Series III spare tire cover

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wanted - 330 America or Series III spare tire cover

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Looking for used spare tire cover that is in the trunk of the car. I understand it is Aluminum, but not sure.

I also understand that this is the same for a 330 America spare tire cover.....maybe someone can confirm this for me. My request for one is that if will fit the 330 America. We have a clients 330 America car that is missing the cover and carpet. I can Fab one but i don't have any details on size and any unique fabrication details that are needed. Lastly ill need to recarpet the complete trunk area for him.

Finding a cover would be great, or someone that can send me pics or dimensions of theirs and other trunk details would be appreciated .

Let me know - thanks a lot.

ill cross post at FChat Site as well.
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