Help with identifying possible Ferrari parts

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Help with identifying possible Ferrari parts

Post by cclarke99 » Mon May 03, 2004 7:23 am

I have two items which I understand may have been Ferrari spare parts, which I was hoping someone would be able to identify. I bought them as a job lot from a local accessory shop, where I was told they were surplus stock from a racing team.

1. A Weber twin choke downdraft carburettor marked 40DCN9 and 328 (this is stamped on the flange where it bolts to the manifold). It has idle screws & an accelerator pump driven by a curved nylon cam, but no choke

2. A Magnetti marelli distributor cap for a 12 cylinder car with two ignition coils. It doesn't have a part number. It is numbered 1 to 12 (one set of numbers the background is white, the other yellow), and A & B for the coli connection

There are some pictures on the Ferrari Forum under the Technical help section, topic title "Help with identification"

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Dr. Ian Levy
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Help with identifying possible Ferrari parts

Post by Dr. Ian Levy » Wed May 05, 2004 2:56 am

The dizzy cap will fit a European Ferrari 365 GTC 4, some Lamborghini & a Maserati 3500GT with a straight 6 twin plug/cylinder head (according to Jon Brent)
The plug lead contacts are at two levels to allow the use of a twin contact rotor arm with the contacts 180 degrees apart and at two heights. The different colours of the background of the numbers correspond to either upper or lower contacts.The dizzy has four sets of contact breakers.
I have just replaced the cap at a cost of £210 sterling. I am only sorry you did not post earlier as may be we could have done some business
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Post by Ruedi » Thu May 06, 2004 2:55 am

The 40DCN9 supposedly was fitted on some competition 275 GTBs . The problem is if you have only one (instead of a complete set with matching numbers), it may affect the value and only be of help to somebody who is quite desperate.

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Post by cclarke99 » Fri May 07, 2004 3:08 pm

Thank-you very much for your help.

Could I trouble you with a further question on the distributor cap. According to "European Sports & GT cars" by Graham Taylor the 365 GTC 4 is fitted with the "Lampredi" engine; similar versions of which are fitted to the 365 GTB, 330/365 GTB & GTS and 330 GT. Would the similarity run as far as the distributor, or does the name refer to the designer and they are, in fact, quite different engines.

Secondly I think the distributor cap and carb would both look better on a Ferrari than in a box in my garage, and my wife was not too impressed when I went out for a paper and came home proudly bearing a "box of junk" - is anyone interested in either of these two items.

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