fuel lines for 330 GT 2+2

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Michael Bayer
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fuel lines for 330 GT 2+2

Post by Michael Bayer »

Anyone know of a source for the yellow spiral wrapped fuel lines that feed the Webers?
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Fuel Lines

Post by Deane »

Try Mike Dunn at www.madenterprises.com.

Newco products also has some of this type of stuff:


Post by tyang »

Hi Michael,

Partsource has them too.

One tip though, try not to bung up the collars when you remove the old hose, or you'll have to buy them too. Sometimes the new hose may not fit in the old collars so you may have to buy them anyway. Buy them from the same supplier so you can be sure they'll fit. The collars and fittings supposed to be nickel plated.

When you go to install the fittings daub some anaerobic gasket maker (needs no air to cure and is resistant to gasoline) on the fitting before you screw it onto the hose.

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Yellow Fuel Lines

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Another source for reproduction fuel lines is PartSource (http://www.partsourcenet.com/). However, be aware that their lines are slightly larger than the original so you will need to buy new ferrules at the same time.

Also, the line by the fuel tank and from the frame tube to the mechanical fuel pump is the 12mm size while the rest are 10mm. Be sure to measure each size accurately for length.
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Bryan P
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I got mine from Rutlands in Georgia - A tip I got from Chuck Wray's shop sounds a lot like Tom's method - a bit of 2 part epoxy on the spiral groove at the male end helps eliminate those pesky leaks that may develop due to any slight variations in inside diameter dimensions in the repro lines.
Michael Bayer
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Post by Michael Bayer »

thanks to all, esp the reminder to change out the line near the tank at the same time! Michael Bayer
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