C4 Carb Jetting - Flat spot

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C4 Carb Jetting - Flat spot

Post by wwwboard » Mon May 06, 2002 8:35 pm

Posted by Aaron

Does anyone out there have a US C4 that is not running the dual point ignition retard system.  I have a single set of points on each distributor - no retard at low throttle settings, I'm running stock carb jetting and I have a flat spot in my acceleration just of idle when I’m driving in economy mode. Everything is wonderful when I jump on it, it’s just an annoying little hesitation as I slowly open the throttle.

I know this is not a problem with the European version – I know three people that have that car, one I drove in yesterday and  - no flat spot –

I have been told the cams are the same and not the same between US and Europe -?
I set the cam timing using the notches on the cams as specified – no degree wheel.
A local shop told me that if I put the retard back in, re-adjust Idle mixture for 1000 RPM, the flat spot will go away – (I don’t like his solution) (I’m also not sure I believe it)

Does anyone out there  have a working dual point retard on a Daytona that is smooth across economy mode acceleration?

Lastly – I found that the needle and seat were 1.75, which is different than the specified 1.50. I can’t imagine that if the floats are correct, that the needle and seat difference of this magnitude would make a difference in how the car runs – any clues?