250 GTE scale models?

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250 GTE scale models?

Post by wwwboard » Tue May 07, 2002 7:01 pm

Posted by Luke Kowalski

While I am waiting for the real thing to arrive *#4823 is due in on May 16th)  I am occupying myself with scale models. So far, I was able to find a few 1/43 scale models, all series 1 GTEs, by the way:

1. Dinky Toys -metallic green-lousy detail, but kinda charming, found on E-bay

2. Solido- even worse detail- Acqua color-from E-bay

3. BBR built -silver "Enzo model" (in the mail from Warm-upF-1 store, looks to be the most detailed and pricey)

4. Bang 1/43-just released, ordered a light blue one through Mini-Cast, very reasonable price

5. BBR 250 GTE Polizia kit. I am not sure whether I will order this one. I might not have the patience, or the time. I think one needs to buy special miniature tweezers. move back home with the parents, and so on....I also have not found a source.

Aware of any other scale model manufacturers who made the 250 GTE?