250 GTE

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250 GTE

Postby wwwboard » Tue May 14, 2002 10:18 pm

Posted by Jorge

amigo hey

when i searched for 250gte on the internet i found your page. i saw a car in the back lot of a shop here in la that looks a lot like yours and the guy says its a 250gte. he wants big bucks for it and its got no motor or tranny but a ford or chevy v8 looks like it will fit. not sure about the tranny. between chevy and ford is one of their trans smaller than the other? it must have been a stick shift cause there was a cluch petal but i think i can make the auto trans fit.

anyways i dont know much about the car but its italian and its pretty good looking for an old car. heres what im thinking about. it will make a real sharp lowrider and i won't see another one like it. im tired of all the impalas. ill have to work out hte hydrolics and the graphics. 20 inch polished wheels and tires. i cant beleive it doesnt have a wing but theres plenty around to pick. lavender wheel well and chassis neons.

the guy wants like 15k for this roller i'm sure i can get  him down. the insides ok i'll leave the seats there tan and put in a plush carpet to match the lights. i hope the trunk is big enough for the pumps and electrics i might have to go in the back seat. what do you think.

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Re: 250 GTE

Postby wwwboard » Wed May 15, 2002 10:31 am

Posted by Tom


To each it's own! You may not get that car for much less, especially if it still has useable parts for a Ferrari restorer. It would be nice to drive a "custom" that wasn't an Impala, but you may find parts for a GTE a little expensive to make it a worthwile project. Glass is $$$, and the small pieces of hardware will be hard to locate. Sure, you can replace them with other pieces, but will it still look like a Ferrari when you're done?

I know  a V-8 will fit, and there are no chassis members in the way for the tranny, so you'll only have to trim some sheet metal. The biggest problem will be the suspension. The frame is made of thick oval tubing. Not something easily cut and sectioned. You'll be doing some pretty funky engineering to get it to work.

Let's now have a moment of silence for the thought of this Frankinstein-Ferrari!

Good Luck Jorge!


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