Degreasing Again

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Degreasing Again

Post by wwwboard » Wed May 15, 2002 1:39 pm

Posted by Lowell Brown

Sorry to be so late to contribute to this thread.

Ferrari aluminium sand  castings are very porous.  The Factory usually painted both the  inside and the outside to seal the  castings and prevent them  from weaping flluids.

When I repainted the outside black wrinkle paint on my 330 cam covers, I asked a Ferrari expert, David Smith, what to put on the inside.

He told me to first spray on a light coat of Green Zinc Chromate Primer --- the stuff  you see on airpalne frames --- and then paint on Red Glyptal Enamel --- the  stuff used long ago to insulate the wires after an electic motor was rewound.

After I made a flywheel inspection cover, my local mecahnic, Carlo Durante, recommended  that I paint it with VHT hi-temp Engine Enamel, SP-127 Universal Aluminium.  This matches the paint on the block very well.