Rare 1964 250 GTE Spotted!

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Rare 1964 250 GTE Spotted!

Postby wwwboard » Fri May 24, 2002 11:52 pm

Posted by Tom Wilson

As part of the FCA’s meeting in Los Angeles, I attended a preview of R.M. Auctions Inc.’s auction of the Richard Freshman collection.  They certainly had some great cars and an eclectic collection of Ferrari & Bugatti parts.  Among the wonderfully restored Alphas, Jags, Ferrari’s (and one WWII Spitfire) were two 250 GTE’s and one 330 GTE.  The only working car was listed as a 1964 250 GTE!  I pointed out to three of the staff that the 250 was not manufactured in 1964.  Also, I mentioned, the serial number (2794), the triple tail-lights and the dash mounted heater control indicated a Series I, and probable a 1961 model.  The reply was universal: “Uh, I don’t know much about this stuff”.  Hopefully the buyers know more.  Otherwise, we will soon be visited by the owner of a one-off 1964 250 GTE!

The other 250 (SN 3637) was pretty stripped, including a non-existent engine and transmission. It did, however, have a hood scoop, which I found interesting.  The 330 was from 1965 (they said) and was SN 6533.  It also was missing a lot of parts, but much more restorable then the engineless 250.  

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