Thanks and keep it up!

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Thanks and keep it up!

Post by wwwboard » Fri Jun 14, 2002 3:02 pm

Posted by Todd


I want to add my congratulations to the long list and also thank you (and Kerry) for posting the movies and sound files. I bought Zac's 365 GT 2+2 drive train and am FINALLY in the process of figuring out how to mate it to the closest thing to a vintage '50's Ferrari race car I could find (and afford) - a Kirkham Motorsports aluminum-bodied Cobra clone. Just staring at the V-12 for a long time is getting old! Listening to yours and those of others is an inspiration that drives me toward the completion of this crazy project! I can hardly wait to hear my own V-12 come to life!

I have a question for the audience: Is mixing a Ferrari drive train and a Cobra body and chassis The Ultimate Sacrilege or Enzo's Final Revenge?

Thanks again for the great site!