problem with brakes

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problem with brakes

Post by wwwboard » Thu Aug 01, 2002 4:42 pm

Posted by Luke Kowalski

I have been through a nightmarish scenario with my brakes. My car sat for a while, so I thought I would redo all the hydraulics. All the calipers, the proportiononing valve, and the master cylinder were redone. The booster was sent to a specialist for a rebuild, but the rest was done by the local Italian mechanic (not Ottis). When all was done, the brakes would occasionally lock, although tapping on the booster with a hammer freed them up (not good). After driving it for a very short while, some of the fluid was also gone. We sent the booster back to the people who rebuilt it, but they claimed everything was OK. At this point, I got a second opinion. As a result, we put in another master cylinder, rechecked the proportioning valve, and at the beginning, the pedal was no longer going to the floor and appeared firmer, but soon enough, the brakes locked up again, and some fluid got burnt up. Tapping teh booster again frees up the brakes., the mechanic is in the process of taking apart the booster, apparently only part of it was cleaned up (one of the pistons was not). Are we forgetting anything here?
The lines appear OK and bleeding happens normally (a lengthy process, though).
Any ideas (except for the mud slinging teens) are welcome. I need to make the Concorso !

63 250 GTE