330 w/bonaldi booster - overboosted?

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330 w/bonaldi booster - overboosted?

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Posted by Deane

Hey all you 330 GTC/S owners, S/N 10400 and above.  You probably have a Bonaldi power brake booster, as I do.  Do your brakes feel somewhat over-boosted?

Mine are touchy - nice and even, but they bite quick and strong early on, making the car a little difficult to drive without some practice.  It feels over-boosted.

Any experience out there to tell me if this is normal?  There's a local shop out here that specializes in rebuilding vintage boosters - I'm told there are a couple of ways that a Bonaldi can over-boost, but before I take the booster off the car, I wanted to get some idea what's normal.

So if your car has a Bonaldi booster, and feels fine, or feels over-boosted, please let me know!