Re-silvering a late 330 GT mirror

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Re-silvering a late 330 GT mirror

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Has anybody taken apart a late 330 GT mirror in order to have the mirror re-silvered?
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From the front, it looks like the aluminum shell is rolled over the rounded edges of the mirror. I do see a couple of rivets but those may only hold the spring innards for the ball and socket adjustment.
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Re: Re-silvering a late 330 GT mirror

Post by Michael Bayer »

Kerry I have not clue, have you asked David Cart? I need mine done as well, so let me know how this goes! M
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Re: Re-silvering a late 330 GT mirror

Post by Timo »

Haven't done any for 330GT per se, but have for variety of other vintage cars. Most have had similar designs. Your assessment of assembly methods and construction seem quite accurate. Edge of housing usually "rolled" or more specifically pressed over with dies. Rivets hold the (spring loaded) retainer/pivot assembly in place. Does this feature day/night type glass ?
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Re: Re-silvering a late 330 GT mirror

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I did it once for this style of mirror. Rightly or wrongly, my method used was brute force- using a flat tool, I pried back the rolled metal until the mirror popped out. I also replaced the night/day toggle, as it had cracked.
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Re: Re-silvering a late 330 GT mirror

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Hi Kerry

It's a long shot as I have never seen the mirror (still on the hunt for one for my car) but most classic mirrors of this era have a small seal around the edge of the mirror glass (clear or white nylon) You carefully push the glass into the housing by a 1/16" (usually a spring behind the glass) then carefully pry out the nylon seal. Once the seal is out the glass should just pass through the rolled opening of the housing.

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