330 GTC Elect window winder

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330 GTC Elect window winder

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Im trying to fix a clients pass window issue - when it goes up and stops at the top, there is a grinding like noise
that sounds real bad like gears grinding. Upon removal of the motor winder mechanism, I fould that someone replace the
cables and used large alum plugs on the ends vs welding the tips to get the length. The large alum end was rubbing on the inside of gear which spins when the window is all the way up . Upon removal I have in my hands 2 ball bearing, a spring and looks like some type of end plug for the the ball bearing or spring. The shaft looks like it has 2 holes on each side for the ball bearing to fit into??

Im trying to understand what is the purpose of these ball bearings, springs and what is their intent to do what??

Appreciate the help....
Ed Montini
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