Couple of 330 GT Parts Needed

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Couple of 330 GT Parts Needed

Post by enio45 »

Hello members......could use your help if you can.

I'm looking for a few parts.....

- 330 GT Lucas Radiator Fan Motor and Fan Blade assembly OE
- 8 new Mounting bushings for the above
- OE VG used Reverse Lamp Lens (the ones made today are too clear, the original are more opaque) part # on the one lens i need is #18 535 716

Also - does anyone have any lead on where to rebuild or recondition the Lucas fan motors - (replace the brushes, bearings etc)

Thank you.....
Ed Montini
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Post by horner »

Ed, see if this link works. The reverse lamps are shown, but look very clear as you suggested. I think that those reverse lamps are also used as front turn indicators on some models, maybe Daytonas. ... %20330.htm

Check your Lucas parts for their part numbers. They should be available from people who supply much of same to Jag E-Types; or so I was told for my alternator parts and voltage regulator. LJH
Jack Horner, 1966 330 GT 2+2 Series II, s/n 8325 (x-1981 Mondial 8, s/n 36213)
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Post by Ruedi »

I believe the Carello lens 18.535.716 is unique to Ferrari reverse lights.

However, lenses with a similar shape but a different pattern for the ribs of the Fresnel lens wera also used as front indicator lights on the series 1 Alfa Romeo 2600 Sprint and Spider.

Ed, if you are interested, I have one original 18.535.716 lens (with a crack at the lower left corner, parallel to the 3rd vertical rib) I can part with (bought it on eBay last year). Private mail me with your e-mail address and I will send you photos so you can get an idea if the lens is any better than the one you have.


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Post by 330GT »

I think that these will work: ... S%3AUS%3A1

Regards, Kerry
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