330 GT- A/C modifications and blows cold in ATL

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330 GT- A/C modifications and blows cold in ATL

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When I purchased my car, the original AZ owner had already redone the AC in the 70s, with a custom bracket for compressor, moving the condenser in the front behind the grill. It no longer worked, and Sanden type wont fit, so I went about replacing items with R134. Only took me a weekend to get it all apart and back together.
here are some pics and the summary:
1) Replace York 206 with York 210 ( bigger displacement and output), Tube-O fittings, new fan belts.
2) replace old Serpentine condenser with larger Parallel Flow- 14x24 Superflow from Nostalgic AC>I am told 25% more efficient than old serpentine types of the same size.
3) Had my AC shop Re-Plumb with correct hydraulic fittings instead of the old leaky hose-clamp type.
4) repainted the bracket with Wrinkle paint to match the rest of the visible engine.
5) New drier and binary switch.
6) As of now, I have pusher fans on the front of the radiator,in essence pulling some air thru the condenser but I may add a small fan in front of the condenser, if I can fit one, so the pressure doesnt build in traffic, perhaps wired to a trinary switch that triggers it only when needed.

So far, despite 90 degree heat, I can drive in Atlanta with windows up, Cold AC, and no overheating.

Bottom line- even the owner of the AC shop was shocked how well it cooled- the larger condenser and higher output compressor really work. Highly recommend. And I didn't have to pull the radiator or the hood to do any of the work.
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