Factory Recall GTC

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Factory Recall GTC

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Hey Tom,

Just saw the post about the Ferarri factory recall for the suspension on the GTC.

Out of curiosity, what is the limitation of responsibility (hope that's what it is called) for a manufacturer to honor a recall like that fix? Not being a lawyer or even a US resident just got me thinking/wondering. Would Ferarri of today have any legal responsibility to honour that recall if it never carried I out in period.

Yes, I realise it's 40years or so ago.

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Re: Factory Recall GTC

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I am not a lawyer either, however I worked for two automobile manufacturers and have a lot experience with warranty, recalls and the like. As least I used to! Here's what you need to know:

-In regards to the 330 GTC shock tower repair, no where does the letter state a recall. Luigi Chinetti Inc. is long gone, they were the importer, distributor of Ferrari Motorcars and the corporation no longer exists. Ferrari of North America holds no liability in reference to the GTC repair, to the best of my knowledge. If FNA did proceed with a recall on the car they would be held responsible if any further actions were taken.

-For reference there are recalls, Technical service bulletins (TSB) and special policy adjustments (SPA). Recalls in the USA have to be registered with the NHTSA, The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Some recalls have a time limit and others never go away.

-TSBs usually have a time limit and may or may not be covered by warranty

-SPAs, also have a time limit and are usually covered under warranty. SPAs may be registered with the NHTSA.

I hope that helps.
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Re: Factory Recall GTC

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Hi Adam,

What drives me nuts is forget about the factory responsibility, but how to spread the word about this problem in GTCs! This information has been around for many years, and I'm amazed how there are still "Ferrari" shops that have never heard about this fix. In the past, this information was only passed from people who worked on these cars when they were new, but today we have better tools. The internet has forums for people to talk about cars and show old pictures, but this kind of information should also be spread. Although I don't spend much time of F-chat, I think it's time I make a post!

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