Original hoses?

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Original hoses?

Post by Jumprun » Fri Dec 20, 2013 3:01 pm

While trying to determine what hose clamps were originally installed on my car, a 1968 330 GTC. One of the clues is, what I believe to be, the original heater hoses. These hoses are the ones that go between the heat exchangers and the valve mounted on the top of the engine block between the distributors.
These hoses appeared to be undisturbed and the end that attaches to the heat exchanger still had the key and strap clamp in place. Since this end is difficult to access, I would be very surprised that if the hoses were replaced, that someone would be able to use another strap and key clamp when a worm type would suffice without trouble.
Is anyone familiar with the markings on these hoses? "Safta Calore"
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Thanks, --Tom

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