Yellow Paint

François was at Redding PA Concourse, and entered a Ferrari 275GTB/4 he recently restored that was very near perfect. Wayne Carini, who paints a lot of François' restorations, accompanied him to the show, and told me this story:

The Ferrari show circuit is a very competitive field, with both the judges, and the competitors. The judges have to prove their knowledge of Ferraris when they inspect a well restored car, and deduct points for flaws they find, and the competitors have to prove their knowledge of Ferraris by restoring cars to the highest standards of workmanship, and factory correctness. All reputations are at risk here, not to mention hundreds of thousands of dollars spent by the owners of these cars to have their cars worthy of entering such a show.

As this particular show progressed, it was evident that François had created a perfect car. It is considered almost impossible to have a "100 point" car, so judges work hard at finding minute problems to deduct even half a point. After some time, there was some discussions of the type to yellow paint used to daub the nuts in the engine compartment, and suspension bolts. Overhearing this conversation about his car, François stepped into this circle of judges, and asked, "What did you say?"...After some silence facing François' French disposition, the judge that brought up the issue, restated that he thought the yellow paint that was used to daub the nuts on the suspension didn't seem to be the "right" yellow. After a moment of thought and brewing anger, François replied, "Eh, what you you know?" Silence and shock fell upon the the gathering crowd, as Wayne tried desperately to pull François away from making a scene. ""you know f-----g nothing about Ferrari. what do you think we do at the factory when we run out of yellow paint, we go to the hardware store and get what ever color yellow there was- you know nothing!" Wayne said, "...of course I thought that was it, we were done,... but I think the rest of the judges knew François was right." They ended up winning the show!

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