Testarossa Story

My experiences with Ferraris have mostly been from the sidelines, but I had the incredible opportunity to drive a friend-of-a-friend's 1985 Testarossa in Puerto Rico, on a deserted open road that some people call "Mugello" ;)
I can't remember when I started getting into Ferraris, but that day my devotion was pleasantly justified as I learned something about why Ferrarisstand clearly apart, in many ways, from other man-made things.  What stands out most in my mind was shifting - as I familiarized myself with the car, I looked at the gated gearbox and immediately was reminded about a musical
instrument.  So clean, so perfect.  And so confidence inspiring.  I shifted like Alboreto that day!

But, unike the late piloto, I never took it out of third gear and here's why:  The owner and I exchanged places, and after I strapped in he said: "Only 3 people have driven this car before:  Me, my mechanic, and my wife. I don't even let my brother drive it."  Ok, 3rd gear it is...  Still, my friend was following in a Dodge Viper and said we were doing 90.  Honestly, the speed is not what stands out the most, but rather that feeling of playing a musical instrument (not just the engine sound, you know).  Your pictures remind me of that feeling.

Luis Soto

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