Summer of '67

While reading Ferrari Stories I remembered that during the summer of 1967 I worked as the summer relief doorman/elevator operator at an apartment building called The Edgewater on East 72nd Street. That summer was great I was 17 years old I was making a lot of money the building had a bunch of celebrity tenants, it was an awesome experience  for a teenager from Queens.
What really impressed me the most were some of the residents of the parking garage: Mercedes 300SL Gullwing, Porsche 356C Cabrio, Daimler SP250, Corvette Stingray convertible and last but not least a gorgeous red Ferrari 275GTB. The parking garage attendant was a nice guy and knew I was car crazy and would let me spend my lunch breaks playing with the cars he would let me start them and even drive them inside the garage, except for the Gullwing and the Ferrari.
The owner of the GTB was a young woman with a wild streak who would drag race other cars from the corner of 72nd and 1st Ave to the end of the street where the building was. I'd be standing in front of the building and I would hear this loud roar coming followed by the sight of  that red missile. Three summers later I returned to work at the Edgewater and the owner of the
275GTB was still living there but she had traded it in for a red Daytona coupe.

Jorge Garcia

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