Driving a '67 330GT at 15

It's 1985, and my Dad & I make a regular trip to the Monterey Historic Races with friends.  He's had the 330GT (s/n 8925) for a good decade but is sadly selling it this year to put a down payment on a house. Now I've helped him in fixing & maintaining various components on this beast, and I even recall being 8 or 9 in the garage when the engine was out of it being rebuilt. I've turned 15 & become the far-too-proud owner of a Montana Learner's Permit to drive. We take the old Lady to Laguna Seca to advertise its availability, and get many offers slid through the slightly lowered windows.

Sunday came far too quickly (when doesn't it?), and having proven my responsibility behind the wheel (no, really. Honest...), I'm given the keys for the drive back to San Jose. It could be argued that this was the better option considering the imbibing in celebration of another successful weekend of beautiful cars, racing and friends (present company this year includes an Oklahoma resident that brought along his 427 Shelby Cobra, God bless him), but I digress.

The many of us hit the road in different directions, and so I am without any witnesses, save dear ol' Dad. Who decides to fall asleep. In the passenger seat. Early. He's a hard sleeper.

I've driven her a bit, but a Monterey to San Jose stretch? I saw a photo you placed on your site of you in Letterman's Dino with the grin on your face. I had that same grin on my face the whole distance back! I remember double-clutching down to 2nd accelerating around slower traffic as just plain nirvana. Cruising out of Castroville, then hitting 140-ish blissfully unaware what the kph to mph conversion worked out to. Such a smooth ride the whole time, and more nimble there than at any time I drove it in the city. It was quite apparent that the steering wheel size was specifically for the lower-speed cruising. Slowing down through the turns until passing Gilroy was just
as fun, but not wanting Dad to wake up mid-apex I was more conservative. And some of the looks I got... Imagine seeing a kid behind the wheel of a Ferrari and an unconscious man in the passenger seat. I (fortunately) never saw a single highway patrol. Very odd considering the location & event that just took place... but I'll take it.

Larry Knox

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