Ferraris and Lamborghinis

When I was a kid in 1969, my father bought a 330GT (with 4 headlights) in Italy and drove it all the way to Belgium. What I remember is the smell of the leather (the car was darkblue with tan leather) and the four Ansa exhausts. Unfortunately the only thing I remember when driving was when we went to the seacoast. My father told me the sound was amazing... He sold it for two times nothing (a problem with the gearbox) to a man in the United States. The only thing we have are some pictures. It was a great car!

When he saw that it was fairly easy to sell sportscars in the United States, he repeated the action with a Lamborghini P400 Miura. This car was silver with black seats and I remember when we flew over the highway, the nose lifting dangerously at high speeds... When he started the engine in the morning, all the neighborhood was awake and my mother couldn't drive it as the clutch was so hard (I think that's why some Miura's have their steering wheel bent towards the driver as they pull so hard on it to get a hold).

When he picked it up in Bologna in the 60's, he was invited by Enrico Nardi to meet him at the Turin Car show... at which he almost failed to arrive as the Lambo's front wishbone suddenly broke when leaving a gas station, breaking the front windscreen! It was repaired by a local "blacksmith" (in Italy, everyone had Agip Super Cortemaggiore running through their veins)
and when arrived at the Car Show, Nardi introduced him to Feruccio Lamborghini, who went outside to take a look at the car... A crowd of afficionado's was looking when he opened the front hood... closed it quickly and made all the necessary arrangements to have the car repaired asap in the factory...

Just our little 'car story', thought you might like it!

Best regards,

Jean de Barsy