Ed Long


I heard some sad news about the passing of Ed Long, a former owner of a very special Ferrari 250 PF Coupe to me. I brokered the sale of the car from Ed to the current owner, David Eichenbaum and we all became good friends. Ed had owned the car for many years and contacted me through the years to help keep his car running and maintained within his budget. He was a big fan of my website and found it invaluable in keeping his “old girlfriend” alive and well. After David took on the stewardship of the car, Ed enthusiastically followed my website and the work we did to his old car that he just couldn’t keep up with. David and I took the car to several shows, but the highlight was when David was invited to show his PF Coupe at Pebble Beach in 2013 in Preservation Class. David invited Ed and Lynn Long to join us in Monterey, and it was no nice to have the reunion of old and new friends.

The last corrospondence from Ed was in the summer of 2014, and he was still talking about Pebble Beach:

Hi Tom:
I just visited, again, your wonderful website and viewed your article regarding our old girlfriend at Pebble Beach in 2013.

Thank you David and Tom for inviting us. That was a great thrill, especially when you instructed me to start the engine and rev it up.

I feared that my heart would explode!!!!

Take care,
Ed & Lynn


I’ll miss Ed, but I was lucky to have been a part of his “Ferrari Life!” Thank you Ed Long.