GTE Project


About a month ago I told you about a GTE I found in Michigan that was for sale, and I wanted to get it into the hands of an end user. I get emails from people all the time looking for projects and this was the perfect candidate. I inspected it and wrote about it, trying to beat the brokers and speculators to get this car into the hands of an owner. My fear was this car was going to end up in the hands of a dealer, and the price was going to go up by $40K without so much as a wash, and the end user would have to pay the premium. I’m not against a broker or dealer making a living, but I have a soft spot in my heart about old Ferraris, and feel any money saved on the purchase price would be good for the cars, the new owner, and the hobby. The seller would still get what he wants, and the owner could spend the money saved on the actual car, and you would think it would be an easy thing to do. NOPE. I have a “buy it now price” that will get this car into the hands of an end user, but everyone I’ve spoken to won’t pull the trigger, and in a few days, we’re going to see this same car for tens of thousands more on a popular broker’s website. What am I doing wrong?!?