GTE Shifter

I’ve been away on vacation with my family for almost 2 weeks in Ireland. I saw only two Vintage cars; a Ford Anglia and an Austin Healey 3000. The only  Ferrari I saw was a 430 in Dublin, and although I didn’t do any Ferrari related activities with my family during my holiday, I had plenty of things waiting for me on my return.

The shifter lever came back from my chrome plater ready to go back together, but I also got a nice e-mail from my friend Larry who read about the post about the welded shifter mechanism to the shifter I was currently working on.

If you recall, a previous shop took the easy way out and permanently welded the finger to shifter selector to the shifter rod. I was going to try and cut away the welding, and try to repair this bit of hackery, but the internet came to the rescue!

Larry had a spare shifter assembly with a good shifter assembly he was willing to sell my client and we immediately agreed to buy it. It’s nice to have the parts we need come to me, instead of taking the time and energy to search the world for these parts myself! This website sure comes in handy. Thanks Larry!