365 Brakes

I sent out a Master cylinder for resleeving in stainless steel on the 365GT 2+2 I’m assembling. Several years ago, I had the luxury of sending out a master cylinder out for rebuilding, and it would return with new sleeves and seals, ready to install in the car. Today, due to poor quality control or parts of the rebuild process that are not up to my standards, I find myself rebuilding these units in several steps. I disassemble the the unit, clean it, send it out for sleeving, order the various seals (sometimes from two different suppliers for the same M/C), and assemble the M/C myself. It sounds like a pain in the butt, and it is! The reason for all this work is because of simple quality control. The old shops that did a great job at rebuilding these units are disappearing, and being replaced by shops that seem to be focused on cheaper rebuilds with poor quality parts. What’s worse is when they charge me higher prices for rebuilding Ferrari parts with the same quality of their cheap rebuilds!

I’ve even purchased specialized testing equipment so I can test the systems before I install them on the cars. I’ve resisted this process because I have so many other things to do when working on Ferraris and there is barely enough time to learn every single process, but with the specialized shops disappearing, I have very little choice!



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