330GTC Assembly Continues

The doors on the GTC were finished, and I checked the electric windows to make sure everything was working smoothly both up and down. Ferrari electric windows can be problematic, so fixing it now was the time to do it! The most common problems come up in the switches, but these worked beautifully.

The next step was to work on the fenders and install the components behind the front wheels.

The splash shields get a rubber gasket glued to the edges but I had to check the fit to the fender before installing them. Since some body work was done on the lower rockers and fenders, the shape of the wheel opening may have changed slightly. After trimming and bending, I got one splash shield to fit properly. I’ll add some weatherstripping once I know how much I’ll need to do all the shields.

The heater box on the right front fender was removed when the body work was being done for better access, so it needed to be reinstalled. I checked the core for leaks and made sure it was working properly before installing. I’ll need to order some vent hoses too!

Now was the time to install the badges as well. The red and blue PF badges cleaned up well, but the rectangular Pininfarina badge was not so good. Here is the common problem with painting  a car that many people don’t realize. The badges and chrome that looked pretty good on a car before painting look old, worn out, and crappy, against new paint. Buying new badges or having the old ones rechromed is an added expense to painting a car that people often don’t consider.

This 330GTC has been on a long journey from bodywork to paint, not to mention an ownership change, so the mechanicals have been dormant for some time. I started looking into what I needed to get the engine fired up again and back on the road.

The paint shop tried their best to cover things up and clean off the dust when they delivered the car back to my shop, but paint and body filler dust gets everywhere no matter how well things are covered. Since the engine compartment will get painted and detailed, the cleanup would have happened anyway, but I’ve got quite a list of things to do!

As I took the air cleaner off, I noticed the carburetors were missing their throttle gear covers. These carbs have to come out anyway for a thorough cleaning, but I’ll have to find a set of covers when everything goes back together.

Another part of the engine detailing process is to get this bracket disassembled and replated.

This particular car had electronic ignition installed back in the 80s or 90s. This system used a shutter to trigger the ignition boxes so much of the original points ignition system was removed to install this system. I want to return this car back to the original system to return the engine compartment back to a stock configuration. Not only will it look better, but the service parts will be readily available.

This electronic ignition system is getting a little old, and the epoxy inside the boxes was failing and somehow melting and leaking out. I think it’s time to go back to tried and true points.



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