330 GTC Distributors and Carburetors

The Distributors in the 330GTC I’m working on had electronic ignition installed many years ago. This system used a shutter and an electronic “eye” to sense when to fire the ignition coil. These systems are just like most electronic ignition systems, where they either work, or they don’t. The trigger boxes from this system had started to degrade, and I was concerned it was only a matter of time before one of them failed. I suggested we return these distributors to a stock set up so servicing will be easier and simpler.

The guts to the original distributors were taken out to install the electronic units, so I will have to source the replacement parts. My ultrasonic cleaner came in handy cleaning the distributor body.

There’s still some staining  that I’ll have to bead blast to get the final bit of dirt out. The hole for the points connection was made bigger to accommodate the electronic ignition, so I’ll have to fabricate a non-conductive bushing so the correct parts can be installed.

The carburetors were cleaned one at time and returned to nice working order.



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