365 Cooling and $%*# Electrics!

I’ve been working on getting a 365GT 2+2 ready to receive its engine when I noticed the power steering oil cooler was leaking. I checked the hose connections and they weren’t the cause of the leaks, so I had to pull the cooler out for pressure testing.

This little cooler is mounted to the front of the car behind the grille, so now was the time to address this issue.

Since I was heading to the radiator shop, I took the radiator from this car with me for checking as well.

It looks like this core was replaced already, but now was the time to check for leaks before it’s put back in the car.

The biggest struggle with this car is the electrics. It seems that any car over a certain age gets some kind of electrical modifications, and this one was no different. Sometimes cars are modified to add a radio, or to fix a broken switch that is no longer available. With this car, it was missing a relay on the fuse panel and I needed to figure out which one it was. Ferrari doubled the amount of relays on their cars in the late 60s and 70s, and the logic is often not so apparent. Add to that the lack of documentation, and you get the idea sorting out electrical issues can be daunting. The wiring diagram is on the back of the owner’s manual, but it takes a steady hand and a magnifying glass to follow the circuits. I scanned and enlarged the diagram to help, but translating the wiring diagram to the physical location of the unmarked relays makes for quite a challenge!



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