Prepping the 275GTS for Cavallino

We’re taking a Ferrari 275GTS to Cavallino in January and no matter how well prepared you are it always seems there is a rush to get things done.

We had some paint issues last year that kept this car from attending, but since then we’ve had the problems repaired and the car was reassembled by the painter.  Now that the car is back at Francois’ shop, we still had to get the fit, finish, and details perfect for the show.

Some seals were damaged in the process of disassembly and reassembly, so new seals were ordered and reinstalled. I need to get some special pop rivets to secure this little piece that finishes the top of the door seal.

Francois was not happy with the way the convertible top was fitting and had our upholsterer check the fit and latching mechanism for adjustment. It now fits well, but Francois also spotted issues with the way the windshield trim fit to the gasket. We may have to remove the windshield again to get it right.

Some issues don’t show up until the last minute when things go back together. A good example was with the windshield wipers. Some of the early history on this car is unknown, but the wiper gear boxes were not working properly. The sweep was too wide and it made the wipers come off the windshield at the end of their sweep. Whether someone changed these out with the wrong part, or they never worked properly, we may never know since this car hasn’t been on the road since 1974.

Francois and I looked at several cars and wiper gearboxes, and found slightly different diameters from model to model, but the ones installed in this 275GTS were definitely wrong. Luckily, we found a pair of correct gear boxes and installed them on this car. Whew, Problem solved!



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