330 Hood and Frame Repairs

The hood pad arrived from HVL in Holland and it, as usual, looks great. Henk from HVL has just the right material to make these hood pads. The price is dear, but I’ve looked everywhere for this particular mylar looking material to remake the hood pads on a 330 and HVL is the only place to have the right stuff. While I was waiting for the hood pad, I sent the hood out for painting. The underside of this hood was incorrectly painted in body color, but the correct finish was semigloss black. I’ll be gluing in the hood pad and installing the hardware next.

The hood stays were cleaned up and polished before they were installed.

I fabricated pieces of steel after cutting out the rusty pieces. They were welded in place to make everything structurally sound again.

With a coat of paint and some undercoating, this repair should outlast me!

The sway bar end links came back from the plater. New bushings were pressed in and ready to go back in the car.

The fuel rail also came back from the plater. SI 330s technically had a fuel rail that has short yellow fuel lines between the carbs, but someone fabricated a one piece fuel rail similar to what is found on a 250GTE. The one piece fuel rail is less prone to leaks, so I left it in place.

I corrected the detail of the vent tubes for the crank case. The original hose was ribbed, so I replaced the smooth hose with the correct hose.



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