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One of the great things about posting this site is the amount of Ferrari fans I've met. Past, present, and future owners alike share the enthusiasm I have for not just Ferraris, but all things automotive. A lot of you have shared your experiences with me, and I have found them extremely entertaining. I wanted to create this area to share some of these experiences outside of my Ferrari restoration, and with hopes these stories will inspire you to submit some of your own. E-mail your story to me, and I will post them to this area, so we can share in the trials and triumphs of all things Ferrari, automotive, or mechanical!


Yellow Paint
Roasting a 308
My first Ferrari Experience
A Dino Story
Tragic Story
Six degrees of Ferrari Separation
Fun in a 250 GTE
Ferraris and Lamborghinis
Yale's Saga of a Ferrari Purchase
Testarossa Story
Summer of '67
First Ferrari Ride
Did you shift into the 5th gear ?
A Teenager Behind the Wheel
A ride in a 360
A Poster to Keep

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